Are you looking for a modern, reliable printer surveillance tool that is light-weight, yet powerful?

Yes, I have been there too.
I've used the tools that are supposed to scan your network for printers, collect all the data and... then what?
I've done that too.
I've tried to make sense of the data, trying to figure out how to curate it and... then what?
Yup, I've tried that too.
I've gotten lost among overly complicated websites, mindlessly roaming vast amounts of data that gave me nothing.
And finally, I'm happy to tell you;
there is a better way!

Don't get me wrong. Large amounts of data can be a good thing. If it can be sorted, arranged and understood.

Or even better, large amounts of data can be a great thing, if we don't have to worry about the data at all.

Because, and let's be frank here, the data is of little interest to you. The interesting part are the conclusions we can draw from the data, and the actions we can take based on those conclusions.

So, here's my proposal

If you're interested in a light-weight, reliable and user-friendly tool for surveying supply levels, utilization and health of the printers in your fleet, drop your e-mail in the form below. If enough people sign up, I will get to work on a prototype asap.

The details

Easy to install and configure
Your job is not to configure servers and applications, or to maintain uptime on them. Or maybe it is, but that doesn't mean it must be hard or difficult.
Your data, in the cloud, still secure
We store the data on servers that comply with the strictest security standards. But perhaps more importantly, we do not store any critical data that can be linked back to you.
Web based tools - Work from anywhere
If you have an internet connection, you can handle your business from anywhere you like. No need to feel stuck in a cube farm or an empty office long into the night.
Or even better, let us do the work
Let's face it, no-one likes plowing through mountains of data. Why not let our computers do the heavy lifting for you? You have better ways to spend your time.

Frequently asked questions

Exactly what is it you're trying to achieve?

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm trying to achieve a light-weight and usable tool for surveillance of supply levels for printer fleets. And by supplies, I mean toner, paper, waste container, etc. In short, what I have in mind is the tool I wish I had when I was working in this field.

That doesn't sound exciting at all

You're right. I've worked with this sort of thing a long time, and it's an absolute drag. That's why I want to take this off your shoulders by automating the boring part, without introducing new problems, like unintelligible data, ineffective tools and the likes.

So can I use this for my four-digit printer fleet?

Yes, a nice thing about light-weight is that it does not mean "weak" or "inferior"

Sounds good, but who are you?

I'm Kristofer. A software developer and systems administrator that has spent disproportionate amounts of time administrating printer fleets.

What's up now?

At this point, I'm surveying the market, looking for interest. My main metric will be number of sign-ups on the mailing list.

How long will it take before the product is available?

That's the million dollar question, isn't it? If or when I get started, a basic version should be ready within a month or two. But that all depends on the response from you guys.

This sounds great! How can I contact you?

Insert your e-mail in the form above (or below), contact details will magically appear in your inbox.

Oh, I accidentally scrolled past the registration form above

Yeah, that happens. Luckily, I foresaw that this would happen, so I added it here at the bottom too...